As the southern and western parts of Hong Long Island are becoming centers of Hong’s new residential development, the study aims to connect the local residents with adequate railway transit to facilitate further growth of the communities and increase land use efficiency.

The South and West Island Lines will serve a population of 450,000 in the southern and western districts of Hong Kong Island, which are not currently served by the city’s railway network. These selected scheme congress three main elements:

  • An extension of the Island Line from Sheung Wan to Kennedy Town with two intermediate stations;
  • A new medium capacity line (SIL) from Admiralty, where it will interchange with existing and planned lines, to Ocean Park and to Ap Le Chau to serve residential developments;
  • A new medium capacity line to interchange with the SIL and to serve Aberdeen, Cyber Port and to interchange with Island Line Extension.

AECOM’s Transportation team provided route determination and option assessments, alignment, station and depot planning, project management, railway engineering, structural and tunnel design, utility and third party coordination, traffic assessments, scheduling and cost estimation.