A national historic landmark, the Tariff building is considered by General Services Administration (GSA) as the fourth most significant historic building in Washington, D.C., outranked only by the U.S. Capitol, the White House and the Main Treasury Building. Over the years, various government agencies, including the Smithsonian Institute, investigated alternative uses for the Tariff Building. GSA selected the redevelopment plan of San Francisco’s Kimpton Hotel & Restaurant Group, which specializes in restoring historic buildings in downtown locations. Kimpton converted the building into a 172-room luxury hotel.

As landlord, GSA was responsible for the preservation of the building’s exterior and hired AECOM to prepare, in just two months, construction documents and a full report on the condition of the Tariff Building’s historic façade, windows and roof, as well as the design requirements and cost estimates for repair and specifications. The subsequent repair and steam cleaning treatment improved the exterior appearance without causing additional damage or accelerating deterioration.