AECOM delivered a fast-paced design-build partnership with Kenmore Construction Company and ODOT in the form of a 5.6-mile section of I.R. 76 between Medina Line Road and State Street. Primary services involved roadway and structural design. Additional design services were provided for necessary project features including drainage, BMPs, lighting, traffic control, signals, noise walls and ITS.

The design expanded the existing 4-lane roadway to a 6-lane roadway with a median barrier for the majority of the project limits. Improvements included the complete reconstruction of ramp pavement at the S.R. 21, Cleveland-Massillon, Barber Road and State Street interchanges, replacement of one overhead structure, two mainline structures and various other structural improvements to other components of the project.

Inventive designs at Cleveland-Massillon Road, Barber Road and Wolf Creek provided long, single-span bridges allowing simplified MOT and minimized impacts to the traveling public and Wolf Creek. Constructability concerns due to overhead electric transmission lines at Cleveland-Massillon were avoided by performing a beam launch rather than more conventional methods.

AECOM partnered with Kenmore Construction Company to execute the innovative Design-Build strategy. Construction is scheduled to finish in July of 2019. The construction cost is approximately $80 million.