The New South Wales Roads and Traffic Authority selected the LHD Link Alliance to restore a section of coastal road located at the base of a 300-meter-high rock escarpment.

The Alliance team delivered a cost-effective engineering solution and safely reconnected one of Australia’s most scenic roadways.

In the 6-month project development phase, the Alliance examined 26 options, ranging from pure geotechnical solutions to tunnels, avalanche type shelters and bridges. The preferred solution was determined based on a multi-criteria analysis, which considered issues such as budget restrictions, environmental approvals and long-term durability.

We engaged the support of the community and other stakeholders to successfully complete an REF and confirm the preferred design and construction cost within a six month period and then commence with the detailed design and construction by June 2004. The full scope of works consists of a road upgrade of 994 meters, including:

  • The SeaCliff bridge with a total length of 665 meters
  • A mudslide chute and catchment basin
  • Significant rock face reshaping and stabilization works
  • A new stretch of roadway at each end of the bridge
  • A 120 meter long cantilevered structural widening of the road at the Northern end
  • A three meter wide pedestrian walkway throughout the full length of the project