At AECOM we use our local knowledge, multi-disciplinary and integrated approach as a basis to tackle some of the most challenging and strategic projects in the region. Our breadth of experience and skills allows us to create and transform communities, identify and unlock opportunities and contribute to building sustainable cities and regions.

In the United Arab Emirates, we have worked closely with Masdar City to develop the detailed planning and design that is helping to realize an innovative vision focused on sustainability and community building. Masdar City is one of the UAE’s most innovative and sustainable developments, with a commitment to environmental, economic and social sustainability. Comprising seven neighborhoods in the Large Square and one neighborhood in the Small Square, each with its own distinctive character, Masdar City has built a strong collective identity through visual coherence and is setting new directions in planning and design.

To deliver for Masdar City we applied strong principles of design excellence and undertook transport and movement modelling, all within unique cultural and environmental conditions.

Strong collaboration enabled us to incorporate Masdar City’s aspirations for sustainability into the planning and design of neighborhoods, centers, residential clusters, infrastructure and public realm areas. The plan we created is innovative and sensitive to the environment, and is creating an accessible and highly livable place to live, work, learn and play.