AECOM provided professional planning, architectural, engineering and interior design services for the Jerrold Friedman Operations Center, world headquarters for NetJets, the largest fractional jet ownership program in the world. The heart of the complex is a 70,000 sq. ft. showcase office and operations center designed with functional and attractive furnishings, equipment and accessory items. An 80,000 sq. ft. aircraft hangar features two 28 ft. x 100 ft. individually motor-operated doors that are set to expand up to 160,000 sq. ft. An aircraft parking apron, approximately 600 ft. by 300 ft., is designed to accommodate B-737-700 series aircraft.

The facility is protected by an AFFF (low expansion foam) fire protection system that is served by a 300,000 gallon private water storage tank. Maintenance and support space totaling 32,000 sq. ft. are designed for flexibly and possible expansion. The complex is supported by more than 500 parking spaces with extensive landscaping and secure fencing.