AECOM provided design and construction management for a 3/4-mile section of North Avenue (State Route 91) between Tallmadge Circle and Heritage Drive. The North Avenue Reconstruction project greatly improves pedestrian and vehicular safety, while addressing stormwater issues in the City of Tallmadge, Ohio, United States.

The North Avenue Reconstruction project was a local-let, Local Public Agency (LPA) project, sponsored by the City of Tallmadge. Our primary services involved roadway and stormwater design. We also provided additional services necessary to deliver the project, including: traffic studies; alternatives evaluation; geotechnical investigations; detailed design-plan development, including right-of-way plans, right-of-way acquisition services for 54 parcels, and environmental documentation.

Our design improved pedestrian and vehicular safety, consisting of a walkway with pavers and decorative lighting. A center turning lane was added to reduce congestion during peak travel time and reduce the potential for rear-end collisions. Pedestrian safety was improved by widening and offsetting the sidewalks.

The corridor was previously prone to excessive flooding during wet weather. We addressed this by designing and installing underground stormwater detention chambers. The chambers also reduced stormwater flow to the downstream storm trunk sewer at Tallmadge Circle. The underground stormwater detention chambers were installed in three sites within the corridor. Construction was completed in 2017.