Going where no one has gone before

Fast, frequent and reliable bus service for previously underserved commuters

The City of New York is undergoing a mobility renaissance aimed at easing the daily commutes of millions of New Yorkers. We partnered with the NYC Department of Transportation (NYCDOT) and MTA New York City Transit (NYCT) to identify and implement numerous bus rapid transit (BRT) projects to make travel across the city faster and more accessible.

Equitable transit solutions

Known as Select Bus Service in New York City, the new projects are designed to provide services typically found with rail travel. Using techniques and technologies such as dedicated bus lanes, off-board fare collection and transit signal priority, the quality and performance of bus transit is improved and, in turn, neighborhoods served are enjoying greater mobility and access. Riding the bus is easier due to new features like enhanced passenger information and bus bulbs, where sidewalks extend outwards at bus stops for better pedestrian and vehicular safety.

Efficient, easy-to-use services

What began as four routes has grown to 16 BRT corridors. Select Bus Service is creating easier commutes not only for workers traveling outside of Manhattan but also for people heading to LaGuardia International Airport in Queens where there was previously no accessible rail connection.

Serving all five boroughs

Completed in less time and at lower cost than other forms of transit like subways, BRT’s improvement program offers immediate benefits to New York City’s entire transit network through greater mobility, cleaner air and reduced congestion. The city plans on further program expansions based on demand and changing travel patterns.