Located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur in leafy Jalan Bellamy, the Orchard Park site was once well known among the local community.

Set on a ridge, the steeply sloping site features distant views of Kuala Lumpur city to the south-west. The land was home to a number of colonial buildings that were slowly deteriorating under the tall remnants of a rainforest canopy. The park consisted of a creek that was polluted and flowed with a marginal to poor quality stream of water. The land was also used as a garbage tip and over time, the park became an open, derelict piece of land.

AECOM was engaged to provide landscape architecture services to inject life back into this park. Among others, the project aims to promote locally grown productive orchards; provide education on the different fruit tree species that made their way to Malaysia during early days of trade; promote urban gardening; showcase sustainable landscape design; and demonstrate the execution of the effective and well detailed design elements.