Located at 1415 Park Avenue in Hoboken, NJ, Park Place has become one of the most desirable apartment buildings with views of the Hudson River and New York City.

AECOM Tishman served as construction manager for Bijou Properties. This residential development stands at 12-stories tall, including 212 residential units and 52,667 square feet of rentable space for retail and a charter school.

Facing New Challenges

Originally a six-story building, Park Place was renovated for use as a parking structure and then demolished as part of this new mixed-use project. Since the team was not able to shut down surrounding roads and areas, We collaborated with engineers and subcontractors to design a unique demolition process. In a slow and safe manner, the building was taken down, recycled, crushed, and then used as fill for the new building.

Innovative Features

Park Place includes a number of innovative features to minimize its impact on the environment, earning it LEED Gold certification. These features include a robotic parking system (one of the first of its kind in the area), a vegetated roof terrace to reduce storm water runoff, a combined heat and power (CHP) module that produces hot water and electricity using a single natural-gas fuel source, 12 charging bays for electric cars, and spaces for more than 100 bicycles.

The new heating, cooling and lighting designs help achieve an approximately 20-percent reduction in energy usage compared to industry standard.