We renovated an existing office for a forward-thinking, intellectual property law firm who had occupied the space for 15 years. Their goal was to modernize the outdated suite in such a way as to project a new brand and capture their culture of savvy innovation.

While maintaining existing perimeter offices, the design adds an extraordinary amount of glass to foster transparency and allow light to penetrate deep into previously warren-like interior space. Workstation surrounds were lowered to create openness, while maintaining enough acoustical material to foster privacy and acoustic separation.

A spare aesthetic reflects the client’s brand and makes tight spaces seem large and dramatic. The lobby was dramatically reconfigured to focus on a spectacular view while creating unique lighting and architectural elements to define the entrance and the reception desk. A subtle layering of materials, including two wood screen walls in the reception lobby, keeps the architectural details artistic and elegant.

The new configuration of a difficult floorplate allowed the client to standardize strategic elements and create a thoughtful and consistent approach to the work flow. Wherever possible, the team reused materials and furniture from the existing space and repurposed or refinished them to meld with the new aesthetic, while custom furniture pieces provide function to some of the more unusual and challenging spaces. The end result is a brilliant combination of the new brand and a high degree of function to support this growing and progressive law firm.