A purpose designed 666,000 sqft Semi-Automated National Distribution Centre, commissioned by John Lewis Partnership (JLP).  JLP commissioned a bespoke design for the Semi-Automated Distribution Centre (SANDC), in order to meet their Physical Distribution Plan for the next 10 years.

SANDC assists in delivering a network capacity to handle anticipated sales growth, enhance store presentation and reduces stock holding, providing benefits both strategically and operationally.

Once completed, the development will provide a self-contained landscaped site provided with all necessary road connections to the main public highway. The new facility will achieve a ‘Very Good’ BREEAM rating in the offices and ‘Excellent’ in the warehouse.

Gazeley UK Ltd was the site developer. JLP was the first tenant on the Magna Park, Milton Keynes development. This park will eventually be home to over 3,000,000 sqft of warehouses. The park includes a large number of eco-initiatives including;

  • storm water collection, timber from Forest Stewardship Council and local provenance vegetation
  • occupancy detection lighting controls and daylight dimming, T5 lighting to offices and T8 lighting to warehouse
  • DSG partitions, organic paint and ceiling tiles
  • marmoleum floor coverings and interface carpets,
  • low flush volume WC, waterless urinals and spray taps
  • 150 lux in lieu 250 lux to warehouse
  • 15% rooflights, wind turbine,
  • jet nozzle c/w energy controls and radiant heating
  • reduced air infiltration
  • 13 degrees in lieu 16 degrees warehouse heating