Under a contract with the U.S. Army, AECOM constructed, operated, maintained and provided engineering services for a groundwater treatment system at the Pueblo Chemical Depot in Colorado. Work included a range of remediation and response actions for the cleanup of groundwater contaminated with nitrate, explosives and other hazardous products.

A primary objective of the project was to meet a Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment compliance order mandating the treatment of off-site groundwater migration. To facilitate regulatory and client approval, AECOM streamlined the review, design cycles and procurement processes, as well as prefabricated and tested all treatment plants off site.

AECOM modified the design to install automated data recording and operating systems that significantly reduced the operating manpower. More than 2,000 groundwater samples were analyzed for nitrate and explosives. Upon completion of this project two weeks ahead of the regulatory mandated deadline and having met the initial performance requirements, AECOM was awarded additional design, build, operate and maintain work to prevent migration of contaminated groundwater to off-installation water sources.