The Odra River , which rises in  Czech Republic and disgorges into the Baltic, suffered an extreme flood in July 1997  that was responsible for the loss of 55 lives and over a billion dollars of damage in southern Poland. The Polish government, together with  financial support from the World Bank, EBRD and EU institutions, is carrying out a number of flood protection projects in  southern Poland that  are aimed at preventing a future cataclysm.

AECOM secured a major contract with the Regional Water Management Authority in Gliwice in Poland. As a consulting engineer, we will deliver construction supervision, construction contract management, supervision over implementation of environmental management plan, project financial planning and monitoring for the construction of a dry flood polder in Racibórz. The value of the contract is four million Euro, and actual contract deadline is scheduled for the end of 2017.

The Racibórz Dry Polder is to be constructed on the Odra River  just upstream from the ancient town of Racibórz, on the border between Poland and Czech Republic. The polder will have a total area of 26 km2, and a maximum volume for flood water of 180 mln m3, which will prevent  flooding and protect the lives of the 2.5  million inhabitants that live in the flood zone that extends from Racibórz  to Wrocław.