The planning and design of the Reston Police Station and Governmental Center (RPSGC) supports community policing, a strategy that focuses on building ties and working closely with members of the community. The robust and thoughtful design emphasizes transparency and security.

With two components joined together by a shared public lobby, the design takes advantage of the site’s topography to allow station access to grade for both. The design captures the relationship between the community and police—the public component is hoisted upon the foundation of the police department and nestled under its roof; and the police department component serves and protects that community.

With citizen-friendly spaces and a Community Room that connects to green open space, the facility links directly to the town center. Through input from community meetings, public art is planned for the east side of the site so that it may be viewed from the Community Room by visitors as they enter the building, and by the public as they walk and drive along the adjacent street. The proposed architectural design, building massing, and selection of exterior materials is specifically designed to position the building in its dual role within the local community. The Community Room and Public Lobby will be light and transparent, characterized by glass and metal panels. The Police Department will be heavy, sturdy and strong, characterized by masonry materials.