The Tennessee Valley Authority is investing in state-of-the-art pollution controls for its Gallatin Fossil Plant as part of its commitment to cleaner energy.

We are providing construction management and engineering, procurement and construction services to install dry flue gas desulfurization scrubbers and selective catalytic reduction additions to reduce the plant’s sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide emissions.

Our employees and subcontractors working on site are exposed to numerous hazards including electrical shock, vehicle and equipment movement, falls from elevation and exposure to chemicals and other dangerous materials.

The project team is responsible for ensuring that all construction activities conform to our on-site safety requirements, the client’s safety management standards and state and federal safety regulations. A range of industry best practices have been implemented to manage the project’s safety challenges. One important area of focus is developing and sustaining a safety culture for entire project team.

Safety Solutions

This work begins with day one training and orientation for new hires and continues with regular field interactions and inspection by project leadership. Workers adopt stronger safety behaviors and habits as a result of the process.

We also invest in the training of all superintendents, stewards, general foremen and foremen. Their professional development focuses on human performance training, communicating lessons learned, leadership skills, management expectations, task hazard analysis and mitigation.

Achievements and Outcomes

The project has achieved 3 million exposure hours without a lost work day.