The new Sarajevo bypass forms an integral part of the European corridor Vc motorway project.

Our role on the project involved the preparation of detailed engineering designs, including tender drawings and specifications, for all elements of the bypass, which included the following associated works:

  • bypass between Josanica and the Mostar crossroads
  • Butila interchange
  • link road between Butila and Brijesce
  • extension of the link between Brijesce and Stup
  • network connections at Josanica, Mostar crossroads, Brijesce, Stup and Safeta Zajke Street.

The project also included the provision of assistance with procurement and permits, including the provision of support to the Federal Road Direction during the tender process, the evaluation and award of contract for the works and supervision, and assisting with all issues relating to land expropriation.

The overall construction value of the project was €100million.

Work commenced on the project in April 2005 and was completed in April 2009.