Paving the way for advancements and improvements

A history of support for transportation across New York State

New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) enjoys a rich history of service, from its initial founding in 1777 as the Office of the Surveyor General to its modern-day establishment in 1967. For more than a century, we have been a part of that history, working alongside NYSDOT staff and helping the agency meet its mission to develop a safe, efficient, balanced and environmentally sound transportation system.

Fulfilling the promise of a new day

Along with our history of collaboration with NYSDOT comes a deep understanding of the department’s priorities and a commitment to continuing to advance agency efforts statewide. Recognizing the importance of fulfilling its commitments, we helped NYSDOT deliver the Hunts Point Interstate Access Improvement Program and the de-designation of the Sheridan Expressway to a pedestrian/cyclist friendly boulevard in the South Bronx — each of which are key parts of the department’s Reconnecting Communities Initiative that works to deliver equity to underserved communities.

Sharing knowledge across all regions

NYSDOT’s work covers all aspects of transportation infrastructure across the state and runs the gamut in project size. With our localized knowledge and global depth of resources, we collaborate with NYSDOT, expanding their pool of capable, experienced in-house professionals by providing specialized expertise to projects across the state.

As one of the only consultants with active contracts in all 11 NYSDOT regions, we work on projects ranging from environmental tasks such as hazardous materials assessments across western New York to work zone traffic control support in Albany and surrounding regions, and statewide design term agreements and structural evaluations. Through our statewide scheduling and construction management contract, we are helping manage NYSDOT’s Capital Program by working with in-house staff, evaluating baseline project schedules and providing monthly reviews and input to NYSDOT construction managers.

With many parts of New York’s infrastructure now more than 100 years old, and increased funding now available through the federal Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, critical infrastructure rehabilitation and replacement is about to take center stage. We will continue to assist NYSDOT manage their statewide infrastructure improvement plans as projects and budgets expand.

A unique perspective

As with many public sector agencies, NYSDOT faces numerous challenges and pressures as it works to improve the transportation network. We hold rare insight into these challenges, as our team is headed by Wahid Albert, P.E., the former chief engineer for NYSDOT who worked within the agency for more than 36 years. His public sector experience directing the department’s most complex projects, combined with our team’s strong in-house capabilities, offers great potential to support NYSDOT in the management of their unique concerns and further their ambitious agenda. “Our deep bench of resources helps New York State Department of Transportation add specialty capabilities to supplement their in-house staff,” says Albert. “With work on larger projects in the offing, our national and global resources are prepared to keep NYSDOT projects effectively moving forward.”

Our past is prologue

As work advances across the state, the shared history of NYSDOT and AECOM continues to grow. Working with NYSDOT’s nimble, knowledgeable and innovative staff, our project teams are delivering services and projects across New York State, paving the way for transportation advancements and improvements that will build a legacy for the next 100 years.