As part of their continued effort to meet federally mandated energy efficiency and water conservation goals, SPAWAR Systems Center Pacific (SSC PAC) selected AECOM to develop and implement an Energy Savings Performance Contract (ESPC) of their facilities in San Diego, California. This ESPC is contracted through the Army Corps of Engineers Support Center in Huntsville, Alabama.  SSC PAC is the U.S. Navy’s premier research, development, testing and evaluation, engineering and fleet support center for ocean surveillance, command and control, and communication systems. SSC PAC has an extensive footprint in California and Hawaii, operating approximately 224 buildings with a combined workspace of 3,032,000 square feet.

To help SSC PAC achieve their energy and financial goals, AECOM developed a turn-key project solution that included 100% up-front project financing for the effort and enough energy and operation savings to pay for itself– the result was SSC PAC spent no money throughout the entire process, thus preserving its own budget monies for its core operations. In fact, the project’s energy and water savings were large enough to pay for a variety of other much-needed infrastructure upgrades which could not be funded from SSC PAC’s budget.

AECOM delivered the project two months ahead of schedule with zero safety mishaps. SSC PAC also reduced its energy consumption by 37 percent and met federally mandated energy goals two years early.


Project Highlights:

      • Facility Audits
      • Energy and Economic Analysis
      • Project Design Engineering
      • Utility Incentive Procurement
      • Project/Construction Management
      • Savings Measurement and Verification
      • Project Commissioning