Between 2008 and 2012 we conducted a function & traffic study and pre-design study for the Roads and Transportation office of the City of Warsaw, looking at the condition of the transportation system. In particular, this work covered:

  • Analysis of the Gocław housing estate transportation system
  • Analysing the direction of Warsaw transportation system development
  • Variant concept of tram transport services for Gocław
  • Technical conditions for realisation of analysed variants of tram lines
  • Analysis of spatial condition for realization of specific variants, in the light of existing planning documents and issued administrative decisions
  • Traffic modelling within the Warsaw public transport system as well as analysis of variants.

The concept obtained a positive response from the interested parties (Zarząd Transportu Miejskiego and the appropriate local authorities). These studies, along with the suggestions of municipal authorities, have been used during the planning works on the spatial development plans for Warsaw.