Project overview
The Victorian State Government proposes a large scale, strategically focussed investment program to transform Melbourne’s outer suburban arterial road network by addressing the gap in infrastructure investment generated by rapid land use change. The Western Roads Upgrade will be the first stage to be delivered and will concentrate on the City of Wyndham region in the west of Melbourne. Project works involve capital works and rehabilitation of existing arterial roads.
AECOM was engaged as Independent Reviewer for the Western Roads Upgrade, and will provide certification and review services across a wide scope of services including engineering, construction and project management, design documentation and traffic models across the duration of the project, expected to be 5 years inclusive of the defects liability period.

Independent Reviewer responsibilities
Responsibilities include:

  • Reviewing design documentation, project plans and associated traffic models
  • Surveillance of construction work (on-site and off-site) for compliance with technical requirements
  • Reviewing test procedures, witnessing completion testing and certifying completion of works at various milestones
  • Reviewing the program of works
  • Assessing any entitlement to any Extension of Time claims
  • Reporting regularly to the project parties on the Independent Reviewer’s activities and summaries of its findings.

Initial works
AECOM quickly mobilised in late 2017 to undertake reviews of the initial design packages and has prepared its key management plans to successfully deliver its services. AECOM is working co-operatively with the project parties to ensure that effective processes are established to pave the way for successful project delivery.