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As a NEPA practitioner, I get to go beyond a single aspect of a project or technical area and examine all facets of the physical, natural, and human environments. Jennifer

- Jennifer

I joined AECOM in 2015 to grow our U.S. Federal Impact and Assessment and Permitting (IAP) practice because I see tremendous opportunity for AECOM in the IAP space.

- Brian

I am determined to find the best solutions, effectively manage projects, and lead my team to success. Each day is a new, meaningful challenge motivated by projects, coworkers, and clients. I am grateful to have found all of these opportunities during my 6 years with AECOM.

- Jennifer

I’m very lucky to be able to do something for a living that I love because small business owners are true entrepreneurs and it’s a wonderful feeling to help them realize their goals.

- Shawn

As the head of our design department in St. Petersburg, my goal is to inspire the people I work with.

- Dmitry

I want to be part of the legacy of people who inspire the curiosity, drive and ambition that lead young people to careers with unlimited potential for discovery.

- Rose

We have many priority jobs with short deadlines, and we work very hard to deliver the highest quality, finished products and drawings to our NASA customer.

- Michelle

Every time we send a new spacecraft into orbit and I’m able to watch the launch vehicles push off their respective pads, it reminds me of what we work so hard to accomplish.

- Anthony

Our work includes vulnerability assessments and adaptation projects for public sector agencies, so they’re better equipped to handle stresses and shocks.

- Claire

I’ve always wanted whatever career I chose to make a difference, big or small, and to leave the world a better place for future generations.

- Shelley

I believe sustainability is no longer an option, but a must-have in order to thrive in the new global economy.

- Dr. Tang

By tackling climate issues, we can leverage significant economic growth and also address issues of social equity.

- Josh

To earn repeat and new business, clients and potential clients must see that we deliver on our promises and provide superior project execution.

- Fadzai

I connect people and projects with cutting-edge technologies and coordinate best practices related to those technologies.

- Jugal

I help inform and steer design decisions that improve the sustainable performance of buildings, while satisfying client aspirations and statutory requirements.

- Pooja

The best reward for what I do is not only adding value to our company and supporting growth, but also the fact that behind every win, we help create and/or maintain jobs for people.

- Daniella

My colleagues are some of the most intelligent and interesting people I've ever worked with.

- Babu

My team works together closely, appreciating each other’s efforts, and clients trust my advice.

- Lanmei

My work has allowed me to grow into an analytical thinker able to interpret complex data and draw meaningful conclusions.

- Bridget

I am proud to help keep people safe across the multi-country operations of one of the world’s leading petroleum companies.

- Reita

I’ve always wanted to work on projects that make a difference.

- Punar

I make a difference by breaking down real or perceived barriers and by bringing the right teams and individuals together.

- Laura

The most important part of working for AECOM is the opportunity to meet different people from various walks of life.

- Suzenne

I am lucky to be able to mentor graduates and ensure they get the appropriate experience to prepare for their chartership. One of the most rewarding parts of my job is helping them advance in their careers.

- Sue

I am proud to be an engineer at the Olmsted Dam project and the fact that what I do on a daily basis makes a difference on the project, is extremely rewarding.

- Natani

We have now realized that challenges are opportunities not to be avoided but to be embraced. Embracing these challenges leads to discovery — discovery of new people, discovery of information, and discovery of ourselves.

- Meline & Arsine

Working on the Panama Canal expansion has been the highlight of my career. It isn’t every day you get to solve difficult technical issues and be part of something with such a significant impact on the world economy.

- Lelio

Collaborating with my peers and mentors has taught me much about the values AECOM employees adhere to: collaboration to find the best solutions, operating ethically and with integrity, anticipating challenges and championing diversity.

- Krystel

I believe that the success of AECOM and all similar companies begins with the elimination of personal injuries, occupational illnesses, damage to equipment and property, the prevention of pollution and the protection our most vital resource — our employees.

- Jeffrey

I'm lucky to be involved in this survey work, to reduce the environmental impacts of this high-profile scheme, and to play a part in transforming rail travel in Britain.

- Charlie

Personally, winning an AECOM CEO Award was extremely gratifying as it acknowledges all of our employees for their dedication to our Safety for Life program.

- Andy

At work, I appreciated the confidence that my management team had put in me and was determined and motivated to work hard and move up.

- Shevira

I spend most of my everyday work life above water. However, on occasion, I get the opportunity to explore the underwater world — and I get paid for it!

- Kaitlin

Working at AECOM gives me the opportunity to grow as an individual, because I am able to explore my country and better understand and appreciate its nature, culture and people.

- Davi

As a native New Yorker, being part of the One World Trade Center project team is an accomplishment and opportunity that has motivated me to go to work every day and put 100-percent effort into everything I do.

- Carolyn

I feel an immense amount of satisfaction when I see the passion and the pride of our people as they create new possibilities for their clients and their communities.

- Birgit

The most interesting part of my job is that I get to communicate with a lot of different people; we share our experiences and different cultures with each other.

- Aries