• Brian

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    I joined AECOM in 2015 to grow our U.S. Federal Impact and Assessment and Permitting (IAP) practice because I see tremendous opportunity for AECOM in the IAP space.


  • Jennifer

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    I am determined to find the best solutions, effectively manage projects, and lead my team to success. Each day is a new, meaningful challenge motivated by projects, coworkers, and clients. I am grateful to have found all of these opportunities during my 6 years with AECOM.


  • Shawn

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    I’m very lucky to be able to do something for a living that I love because small business owners are true entrepreneurs and it’s a wonderful feeling to help them realize their goals.


  • Dmitry

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    As the head of our design department in St. Petersburg, my goal is to inspire the people I work with.


  • Rose

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    I want to be part of the legacy of people who inspire the curiosity, drive and ambition that lead young people to careers with unlimited potential for discovery.


  • Michelle

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    We have many priority jobs with short deadlines, and we work very hard to deliver the highest quality, finished products and drawings to our NASA customer.