• Anthony

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    Every time we send a new spacecraft into orbit and I’m able to watch the launch vehicles push off their respective pads, it reminds me of what we work so hard to accomplish.


  • Pooja

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    I help inform and steer design decisions that improve the sustainable performance of buildings, while satisfying client aspirations and statutory requirements.


  • Yuebi

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    I believe we have a responsibility to inspire the next generation by showing how engineers use their creativity to solve problems, helping create a better world now and for the future.


  • Tamsin

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    I am progressing through the three-year Growing Professional Skills program, which has helped me develop my technical skills and provided me with the opportunity to network with other young professionals.


  • Maddison

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    I appreciate that the focus for graduates is on teaching and training, learning on the job and growing your skill base.


  • Anna

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    There is a close relationship between teams, which means I am able to draw on the knowledge of a broad array of people from different backgrounds.