Legacy Foundations

Legacy Foundations is a leading self-perform geotechnical/foundations contractor since the mid-1990s. Our expertise spans a full portfolio of services, and we have a full fleet of specialized equipment, including fleet, deep foundation cranes, oscillators, rotators and Lodrils. Whether you need slope stabilization, ground improvement, or an offshore deep foundation, Legacy Foundations has the equipment and expertise to ensure that the job is done right.

Services We Provide

  • Deep Foundations
    • Cased Drilled Shafts
    • Uncased Drilled Shafts
    • Oscillator/Rotator Shafts
    • Large Diameter Drilled Shafts, up to 14 feet in diameter & 300 feet deep
    • In-water/Offshore Deep Foundations
    • Micropile Systems
    • RCD (Reverse Circulation Drilling)
  • Slope Stabilization & Shoring Systems
  • Ground Improvement

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