Ground risks and environmental issues are often the cause of cost and time overruns during the main construction phase of major infrastructure projects. De-risking projects ahead of the main works phase is therefore key to a smooth transition between design, consenting and construction stages.

To do this effectively, robust early data capture strategies are essential. High quality data gathered at the outset by environmental contracting and ground investigation teams underpins project consent and value engineering scheme design, but also has longevity into construction, as well as operations and maintenance.

The information can also uncover potential challenges leading to the timely identification of key risks – and opportunities – particularly in relation to the ground and the environment. Mitigation measures can be instigated early reducing costly overruns and environmental damage, while improving safety for construction teams. Managed effectively at this pivotal, early stage, the data can be used to maximise the value and certainty of infrastructure delivery for the client and its end users.

Providing clients with a single point of accountability, AECOM delivers environmental contracting and ground investigation services throughout the design and early survey stages, as well as subsequent mitigation and main works contracts. Due to the vast range of technical expertise available in-house, we are able to offer a streamlined, efficient and integrated approach that eliminates the time and costs involved in procuring individual sub-contractors.

Our capability as a demonstrated competent and technically proficient management contractor allows us to deliver ground investigation campaigns and other surveys at any scale with the confidence of safety, site and contract management specialists. We also deploy this specialist contracting capability to mitigate environmental issues across the spectrum from archaeology and ecology through to invasive species and contaminated land.

Through our significant contracting capabilities, our environmental contracting and ground investigation teams collaborate with regulators to ensure the most efficient route is taken through any arising challenges, and then oversee the work as it evolves. Clients recognise this key advantage and rely on us to protect their interests, evaluate and manage the risks, in addition to protecting their environmental assets.