Transportation is experiencing a number of profound transformations, from changes in travel patterns and behaviors due to the global coronavirus pandemic, to technology advances in vehicle communication and automation.  Changing travel patterns, increases in teleworking, connected and automated vehicles and shared mobility are bringing new challenges and options to passenger and freight travel alike.

Proactive planning is needed to understand how these changes will affect our cities, and how we can help provide transportation services and channel emerging technologies to safely meet community goals. AECOM is helping our clients analyze these changes, their impacts and how they can respond now and best prepare to usher in a new era in transportation.

Mobilitics, AECOM’s scenario-planning tool, is designed to help public agencies and private land owners and developers understand long-range transportation and land use planning scenarios to help inform policy, design and investment decisions today. Our clients have the ability to understand the many paths that the future might take and the range of potential impacts that can be expected. By testing multiple scenarios, Mobilitics highlights opportunities, hedges for risks associated with making transportation improvements for an uncertain future and allows leaders and decision makers to see the impacts of policy, technology, pricing and business decisions.

Want to learn more? Explore a sneak peek of Mobilitics with our free web-based version that provides sample analytical calculations for 50 large metropolitan regions around the U.S.; learn how you can use Mobilitics by reading our brochure; and contact us to learn how Mobilitics can help you make better decisions for your community today.

Check out the Mobilitics tool in action. Click the images to learn more.