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Think Ahead

Civil infrastructure news and analysis from around Europe

Issue 1, July 2107

Moving people, better

Integrating high-speed rail in cities poses big technical, legal and economic challenges. Read about the solutions a project in Barcelona managed to apply successfully.

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Reimagining travel

Stuttgart to Hamburg in 80 minutes? Sounds like a pipe dream — however, it’s one that AECOM’s DACH team is working hard on turning into reality..

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Linking continents under the sea

Istanbul is developing a number of subsea projects under the Bosphorus. One is set to make a splash as a global contemporary architectural icon.

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Creating modelling solutions

Can you apply BIM to large complex aviation projects? AECOM’s Global Design Centre in Madrid is having a go — and the results are positive.

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Enabling better collaboration

Complex projects generate lots of data that can be difficult to manage. A bespoke common data environment and a long-term strategy for its use can help.

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