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Civil infrastructure news and analysis from around Europe ISSUE 2

The future of infrastructure

A new report by AECOM shows how the infrastructure industry is facing unprecedented challenges, and proposes ways to deliver infrastructure faster, smarter and better.

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Infrastructure Resilience: in a shifting world

Future proofing and designing resilience into civil infrastructure projects is one of the biggest challenges facing the industry, write resilience experts Ronald Hahn and Josh Sawislak.

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A digital step forward to safer railways

New digital solutions are changing the way we design, construct and maintain railways. The result is better safety for both rail workers and travellers, writes James Colclough.

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Leading the field

A newly developed tool can predict 3D electromagnetic fields caused by rail electrification systems. This provides early knowledge of possible threats to nearby people, buildings, systems and facilities.

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Focus on the interface

The challenge of building a safe and efficient high-speed rail route involves looking beyond just the new high-speed section, say rail specialists Edwin Marks and Mat Brough.

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