The direct advantages resulting from construction of the new expressways and highways, in addition to relieving urban traffic congestion, are the reduction of travel times and reduction of risk of accidents, fuel savings and reduction of exhaust emissions and noise pollution. Basing on the previous wide experience in enhancing transportation systems, AECOM became lead designer on a design-build team for the $141 million scheme which involves 142 km of dual carriageway expressway and dual carriageway near Poland’s capital city of Warsaw. The project’s focus is to relieve the traffic bottleneck at the Aleja Krakowska and to improve access to the city centre from the south. Highway drainage redesign and other cost-saving innovations resulted in eliminating 100,000 cubic meters of earthworks and 1000 square meters of retaining walls. AECOM’ work includes detailed design services and construction administration. The project includes 4 grade separated junctions, 18 bridge structures and over 50,000 square meters of noise barriers.