AECOM provided design development, detailed design, contract documentation, construction supervision and contract management service for the construction of My Thuan Bridge which has become a vital link in Vietnam’s highway system, providing access to the 11 million inhabitants of the vast Mekong delta region.

Located on Highway No 1, some 120 kilometers southwest of Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), the bridge is the first cable stayed structure and largest crossing in Vietnam. It has a total length of 1535 meters and provides four traffic lanes and two footways, some 40 meters above the Tien Giang river to facilitate shipping access to Phnom Phen in Cambodia.

The cable-stayed bridge has a central span of 350 meters and is supported from 128 meters high towers founded on 2.5 meters diameter bored piles, some 100 meters below river level. The foundations must sustain impact loading from vessels up to 5300 deadweight tonnes. The 24 meters wide concrete grillage deck was built using insitu form travelers and is supported by multi-strand stays with blue HDPE outer casings, incorporating special dampers at the anchorages to control vibrations. Approach bridges on either side of the river have a 440 meters long continuous deck, utilising 40 meters span Super Tee girders precast at the site, each with a weight of 68 tonnes.

The bridge was constructed in a record time of 32 months, some 8 months ahead of schedule, and has set a new benchmark in cost effective bridge construction in Southeast Asia.