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Cities have never been more important, nor the competition among them more intense. They are complex, facing major interconnected challenges. We believe that brilliant cities solve the most difficult challenges facing governments and urban planners today. These cities aren’t just smart; they are visibly vibrant and delightful. They shine.

Urban sprawl and growing populations are contributing to overwhelming traffic congestion, while governments increasingly struggle to fund infrastructure. Rising living costs and house prices are making cities more unattractive for workers. Productivity growth is falling.

Ageing populations are putting pressure on city healthcare systems and creating an urgent need for new workers. In the race to become knowledge economies, cities must compete with start-up business communities around the world.

We believe that solving such major issues comes down to focusing on four key elements; connecting, funding, greening and innovating.

Where a city can master all four – and combine their benefits – it will be well on the way to brilliance.

Brilliant cities go further than solving traffic congestion and housing shortages and their residents enjoy much more than high employment and clean air. These cities provide exceptional quality of life. They adapt and recover quickly from unexpected change. They inspire business confidence and make residents feel safe. Their communities and economies don’t just grow – they thrive.

Only once a city achieves this can it compete with the world’s fastest growing economies. At AECOM, we’re striving to create brilliant cities that rival internationally and can stand the test of time.

To learn more about the fundamental four, and how they integrate to create a brilliant city, click on the icons below.

As one of the world’s largest urban design and civil infrastructure consultancies, AECOM does more than answer questions for cities, we help to reframe them. Both pragmatic and visionary, we are well placed to deliver successful urban environments and this site gives you access to all our creative ideas and solutions we have explored to shape and deliver tomorrows cities. As each research focus is completed we will update this site to capture the findings, reports and all relevant material, bookmark this page so you don’t miss out.

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