Chicago, Illinois


The historic Bronzeville neighborhood, located on Chicago’s Southside is proposed as the location of ComEd’s first microgrid. Additionally, the Bronzeville neighborhood has been targeted for a broader ComEd Smart Community of the Future initiative that builds on the utility’s investments in grid modernization to pilot and deploy a range of smart city technologies.

AECOM developed integrated resilience performance metrics for the Bronzeville microgrid and related grid modernization and smart city improvements. The metrics focus on the measurable and deliverable benefits of grid modernization initiatives such as the resilience of the electrical system, critical infrastructure, and community as a whole. The project is one of the first efforts to define integrated metrics covering all three areas.

AECOM’s Community of the Future smart city support includes development and implementation of strategies for stakeholder outreach and engagement related to ComEd’s Community of the Future, smart city, grid modernization, and microgrid initiatives in Bronzeville. Outreach approaches consider both general awareness and engagement related to the development of specific technology applications associated with grid improvements the smart city investments. ComEd is also developing a Community of the Future Smart City Plan, focusing on smart grid as platform for smart city services.

AECOM has also developed a detailed implementation approach that optimizes energy savings, prioritizes critical system upgrades, and targets smart city service enhancements to areas of high need.


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