Rosetta: Strategic Portfolio Planning/Design and Delivery Platform

AECOM launches Rosetta a dynamic web-based software that improves strategic energy portfolio planning, design, and delivery.

The creation of a robust Energy Master Plan (EMP) that aligns with the strategic vision, and also enhances the organization’s larger strategic vision, requires a practiced and progressive methodology, empowered by analytical rigor, but also flexible to adjust priorities and capture unique opportunities. Our Rosetta methodology incorporates the full suite of capabilities within AECOM — strategic planning; energy efficient design and project development; control strategy optimization; generation and storage; community engagement; and financing.

AECOM’s Rosetta is a methodology — a combination of a web-based analytics platform, workshops, gameboarding, and lessons learned — that results in a consensus-built roadmap to achieve energy performance goals.

The analytics platform uses parametric, audited, and real utility data to model future scenarios, whether it be the impact of 25% of parking spots being fitted with chargers for electric vehicles, or the resiliency to a natural disaster using the inbuilt resiliency scorecard.

The interactive nature of AECOM’s Rosetta methodology engages stakeholders from definition of goals to the development of the implementation plan. The platform is designed to be accessible with well-designed graphics to convey impacts and timeframes, simplifying the strategic planning process without diminishing technical robustness. When stakeholders see how their actions impact progress towards goals, when they see how the contributions of the whole team achieve the results agreed upon, the plan becomes actionable. Simply put, Rosetta helps our clients make smarter decisions faster.

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