AECOM is proud to be a gold sponsor at the Canadian Water Resources Association 2023 National Conference in Halifax, Nova Scotia on June 18-21, 2023. This year’s theme is "Rising with the tide: working together to address water resource challenges". We’re excited to connect with other industry leaders on water resources management approaches.

With expertise encompassing all phases of the water cycle, AECOM develops strategic long-range solutions to protect the natural environment and provide sustainable water for generations to come. We help overcome increasingly complex issues involving water shortages, stormwater, flooding and climate change to develop resilient communities.

Watershed and Ecosystem Management

Sustainable watershed and ecosystem management involves providing adequate water resources for the aquatic ecosystem while protecting against flood damage, erosion, water quality and many other impacts. Through the application of adaptive management principles in the planning and design process, we integrate science and management, delivering the most targeted solutions possible. Our staff analyzes engineering and construction feasibility as well as the regulatory, ecological, social and economic impacts of potential strategies. We specialize in applying the most innovative field, data, and GIS-based analyses and decision-making processes for resource protection and use. AECOM’s green infrastructure philosophy is simple—develop effective, replicable, resilient and maintainable designs that are informed by the needs of stakeholders and our clients.


Recent studies have confirmed that the majority of our human population is concentrated along or near coasts. AECOM helps communities and businesses understand, maintain and design sustainable coastal environments throughout the world. Our coastal engineering experts use high-tech models and monitoring devices to analyze the forces affecting coastal environments including sea level rise, tides, erosion, waves and storm surges. This knowledge provides the basis for innovative designs for sustainable coastal structures and nature-based applications for coastal areas.


Stormwater management is an increasingly important yet complex task. To balance competing goals, an array of regulations has been, and continue to be, developed. AECOM staff are skilled at handling the complexity of regulatory and legal issues and all technical aspects of stormwater issues. We provide all phases of environmental and engineering expertise related to stormwater—from study, site assessment, planning, environmental and other regulatory permitting - to design, construction and training for ongoing monitoring and operations and maintenance of facilities.

AECOM Events

Applications of international coastal management in response to shifting shorelines
Michael D. Patorno, Speaker
June 20, 3:45 p.m.
Lunenburg room

Poster: Enhanced roadside draining systems for salt vulnerable areas
Bill Trenouth, Speaker

Advanced basics: evaluating cold climate LID performance in scaled operational conditions
Bill Trenouth and Pippy Warburton, Speakers/Hosts
June 21, 1:05 p.m.
Lunenburg room


Janie Bergeron, P.Eng. M.Env., PMP
Janie has 25 years of experience in water resources and environmental performance in the sectors of infrastructure, hydroelectricity and mining. She has key experience in project management and hydrology/hydraulics applied to stormwater management, floodplain management, culvert and bridge upgrades, fluvial erosion control, and dam safety.

Mark Davin, BEng (Hons), IEng, MICE
Mark is currently part of the AECOM Europe & India Water Resources Leadership and will be joining AECOM Canada in 2023. Mark’s role includes providing international subject matter expert advice and leadership within the fields of flood risk, strategic planning, climate change adaptation and coastal engineering.

Scott Edelman, P.E.
Scott has spent 39 of his 42 years of his career with AECOM. He currently leads AECOM’s global markets of water resources and disaster recovery. This includes, dams, heavy civil (levees, ports, large pump stations), ecosystem restoration, floodplain management, mining, water supply management and stormwater. On any given day, over 3,000 AECOM staff are working on water resources projects in the Americas.

Seifu Guangul, Ph.D,. P.Eng., D.WRE
Seifu is AECOM's Technical Lead for water resources in Canada with 27 years of experience in hydrology, hydraulics, water resources engineering, land-use and climate change impacts, flood hazard/risk assessment, and geographic information systems.

Nicholas Kehler, P.Eng., M.Sc., PMP
Nick is a Senior Water Resources Engineer in Canada with 15 years of experience in hydrologic analysis and hydraulic design, floodplain mapping, and water management planning. He is also the CWRA Scholarship Committee Chair.

Michael D. Patorno, P.E., CPM
Michael has 40 years of experience and has been with AECOM for 30 years. He currently leads AECOM’s heavy civil practice for water resources globally. Water resources includes a heavy civil market which encompasses projects with levees, major site development, marine and port structures, large pumping stations, geotechnical soils analysis, foundation analysis and raw water conveyance systems.

Bill Trenouth, Ph.D., P.Eng., PMP
Bill is a senior water resources engineer and project manager with 13 years of experience specializing in green infrastructure and low impact development design, stormwater monitoring and quality treatment.

Pippy Warburton, P.Eng.
Pippy is AECOM's water resources lead in Canada and has over 20 years of experience managing complex infrastructure projects focused on water resources. She is also an Ontario Branch CWRA board member.

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