AECOM’s Cities sector draws on the diverse skills across the company to help make cities better places in which to live, do business and coexist with nature.

Cities have never been more important, nor the competition among them more intense. Those positioned to excel in this time of incredible opportunity and remain strong through times of difficulty are pursuing broad, integrated strategies to tap hidden value, attract people and investment, and overcome financial and operational challenges.

At AECOM, we offer both the depth of insight and breadth of expertise required to thrive in these conditions.

Brilliant cities

We believe no one discipline has all the answers to urban challenges. Our unique contribution to the urban agenda is our whole-systems approach to better prioritize projects, plan ahead, protect vulnerable assets and provide sustainable growth.

Much has been said in recent years about making our cities smarter. Our aim is to go one step further and make our them not just smart, but more resilient places that are responsive to the people who live in them and sensitive to the ecological environments which they inhabit.

As a global company with a deeply rooted presence in many of the world’s major urban centers, we routinely connect the best ideas and insights — blurring the boundaries of both geography and profession, and engaging with public and private sectors, to help cities overcome their challenges and build brilliant futures. This work embraces a diversity of established and emerging project types — from citywide masterplans and climate change adaptation, to integrated design and operation of transport systems, to the development of innovative urban resilience strategies and programs. We work with cities large and small, mature and emerging, directly for city governments or with those who have a critical stake in the future development of their city to imagine and implement the urban environments and critical resilient infrastructure of tomorrow.  Learn more about this work and the solutions AECOM offers cities.