Light rail offers exciting opportunities for cities to improve mobility, enhance places and support positive environmental, sustainability and societal outcomes — helping people get where they need to go faster, while providing value to communities by offering new hubs and destinations and, ultimately, creating opportunities for everyone.

When it comes to iconic, innovative transit projects around the world, AECOM leads the industry. Our transit professionals are involved in every aspect of LRT delivery, from program management to planning and conceptual engineering, through final design, construction management and startup of revenue service.

Our expertise includes track, systems, passenger concourses and stations, maintenance and storage facilities, bridges and structures, buildings, rolling stock, utility crossings, and operations and maintenance planning.

We’ve delivered hundreds of LRT projects under a variety of models, from traditional design-bid-build to alternative financing and delivery, such as design-build, public-private partnerships, alliancing and design-build-operate-maintain.

What we do

Advisory services

  • Program management
  • Feasibility studies
  • Business cases
  • Pedestrian modelling
  • Transport modelling
  • Rail operations modelling
  • Staged investment
  • Sustainability
  • Technical options
  • Constructability
  • Technical advisor (engineering, environmental and consultation
  • LRT stop and precinct design
  • Environmental, social and governance (ESG)
  • Cost estimation

Detailed design phase services

  • Track and civil
  • Power and electrification
  • Depot Design
  • Road intersection design
  • Precinct design
  • Acoustic design
  • Digital generative design
  • Sustainability and green engineering
  • Structures (bridges, tunnels, stops/stations)
  • Systems engineering and safety assurance
  • Information and communication technologies (ICT)