Upstream oil and gas companies have experienced significant changes in recent years — from technological advancements that improve access to petroleum reserves to the substantial drop in global prices.

Such dynamic conditions require responsive, flexible services, with reliable quality. AECOM has a long history of supporting a range of exploration and production activities with our global network of experienced technical, management and field staff. In both conventional and unconventional fields, including oil sands, we consult, design, fabricate, construct, install, commission and maintain drilling and well site equipment, process modules, infrastructure and off-site support facilities. We also assist upstream clients with their mission-critical assets, including extensive support for asset acquisition and divestiture.

Our ability to understand local requirements, regulations, culture and conventions has benefited many of our clients, particularly in challenging business or ecological environments. We have successfully completed projects and programs in numerous countries across North and South America, Europe, Asia, Australia, the Middle East and Africa. Our experience also includes offshore support activities in the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans, Gulf of Mexico, Bering Sea, Cook Inlet, Beaufort Sea/Arctic Ocean, North Sea, Mediterranean Sea and the Caspian Sea.

Regardless of the upstream project scope, size or location, AECOM oil, gas and chemicals professionals are dedicated to supporting our clients’ needs — with the highest regard for safety.


Representative Areas of Specialization:

      • Acid Gas Injection
      • Carbon Capture and Storage
      • Cold Weather Design and Construction
      • Conventional and Unconventional Oil & Gas Production
      • Enhanced Oil Recovery
      • H2S Removal via Crystasulf Technology
      • Sulfur Recovery and Handling
      • Gas Dehydration, Compression and Storage
      • Gas/Oil Gathering, Separation, Production and Transportation
      • Gas Treating/Acid Gas Removal
      • Helium Recovery
      • Mining and In Situ Bitumen Extraction
      • NGL Recovery, Processing and Fractionation
      • Nitrogen Rejection
      • Oilfield Equipment and Logistics Services
      • Oil Sands
      • Operations and Maintenance Support
      • Site Remediation
      • Well Development (including Pads and Gathering Systems)
      • Utilities, Access Roads and Related Infrastructure