At AECOM, we understand the industrial lifecycle and are built to deliver comprehensive solutions that create the best outcomes at every stage.

Our clients are supported by an agile organization with leading design, build, finance, and operate services that are unmatched by any firm competing in the industrial landscape today.

From cybersecurity to construction market buying power, innovative design solutions to 24-hour facility operations – we bring you time and cost efficiency along with a single and straightforward source of accountability to increase productivity, conserve resources, optimize life-cycle costs, and reduce risks.

Our integrated teams serve clients across industries by:

  • Driving technological innovation in planning, project execution, and operations
  • Providing best-in-class technical teams and market leading services through our Industrial Centers of Excellence
  • Achieving robust, cost effective solutions through process led design
  • Implementing advanced security applications to minimize risks to systems and facilities
  • Providing competitive building engineering, civil infrastructure, transportation, and process engineering through our Global Delivery Services
  • Accelerating project schedules through speed-to-market efficiencies, such as modular design and modular construction
  • Executing unmatched global program delivery through a robust Client Account Management program
  • Enhancing workplace productivity through Strategy Plus, a dedicated workplace strategy group

Delivering all facility types across the globe:

  • Heavy manufacturing
  • Logistic & distribution centers
  • Packaging / bottling
  • Refrigeration / cold storage
  • Cogeneration energy plants
  • Laboratories
  • Research & development
  • Data centers
  • Commercial office
  • Parking garages
  • Logistical infrastructure