Natural and human-caused disasters can occur anywhere and at any time. Whether it’s an earthquake on the other side of the world or a hurricane flooding our own backyard, AECOM responds not only as a company with expert resources that can help, but also as neighbors who care about our communities. Preparedness, mitigation, response, and recovery – AECOM is your partner every step of the way to help you and the communities you serve become more resilient.

Highlighted Successes

  • Assisted 3.5 million disaster survivors; responded to 400+ disasters worldwide
  • 200+ disaster resilience professionals on staff
  • 40+ years of disaster response for US Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
  • Supported HUD and FEMA program case and grants management for 115,000+ survivors across eight states and territories; capable of processing 5,000+ applicants concurrently; 30,000 homeowners served; 3.6 million housing inspections
  • “Zero claw back” funding through our understanding of Community Development Block Grant Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR) programs
  • 200+ climate adaptation projects and studies; internationally recognized for leadership in climate risk and resilience
  • Deployed side-by-side with US Navy teams within 18 hours of Hurricane Irma’s landfall to support NAVFAC response efforts, as the Category 4 hurricane damaged seven US Naval installations in Florida
  • Led development of fast-tracked recovery plan for Tyndall Air Force Base that incorporated the input of 200 stakeholders and re-envisions it as an “installation of the future” following Hurricane Michael, which damaged 95% of the structures at the mission-critical military installation