Mixed Use

Place and experience are merging in new ways to redefine innovative environments while the demand to live, work and play in a centralized location continues to increase in popularity.

AECOM is responding to this critical shift by partnering with clients to create environments that blend residential, commercial, cultural and institutional elements into a physically and functionally integrated and connected place. These mixed-use developments create and enhance a sense of place while seamlessly integrating into the existing communities.

AECOM continually works to the highest international standards in placemaking and understands the inherent challenges that exist in the development and execution of both large and small-scale, mixed-use developments in suburban and urban environments. From land-use approvals, permitting, regulatory hurdles and environmental remediation, to financing project costs and capital improvements, we work with our clients to navigate these complexities for stakeholders around the world.

AECOM believes in the power of community, and we recognize the remarkable contribution this type of development makes to communities and the economic, social, and cultural value.