A refinery is a complex, highly integrated system of processes requiring consulting and contracting partners with specific knowledge of the regulatory requirements, the process technology and the operating environment.

For more than 50 years, AECOM has applied our in-depth knowledge of oil and gas processing and treatment to enhance, retrofit or expand our clients’ downstream capabilities in response to changes in crude feedstock, product demand and regulatory requirements.

AECOM’s life-cycle capabilities, from development to decommissioning, cover a wide array of our downstream clients’ need with responsive, fit-for-purpose solutions. In some cases, our personnel work as an extension to a facility’s team, including long-term secondment assignments. From turnarounds to ongoing maintenance and operational support, our in-plant staff contribute to our clients’ operational and management success and are dedicated to ensuring all work is performed safely.

Our expertise doesn’t stop at the refinery. We understand that getting the products to market in a timely and safe manner is the ultimate objective. To that end, our teams design and construct the necessary infrastructure including pipelines, tank systems, land- or marine-based terminals and loading facilities. Included in this are LNG import and export facilities around the world.

Regardless of the specific downstream project scope, size or location, AECOM oil, gas and chemicals professionals are dedicated to supporting our clients’ needs — with the highest regard for safety.


Representative Areas of Specialization:

    • Bioprocessing
    • Gas-to-Liquids Processing
    • Modeling and Energy Savings
    • Natural-Refinery-Synthesis Gases
    • NOx/HRVOC Reduction
    • Plant Configuration Optimization
    • Refinery Process Units (Grassroots, Expansions, and Revamps/Retrofits)
    • Desulfurization Units
    • Sulfur Recovery/Tail Gas Cleanup/Handling
    • Tank Farms, Terminals and Docks
    • Pipelines, Tank Farm, Loading and Unloading Facilities, Land and Marine Terminals
    • Small to Mid-cap Project and Program Expertise
    • In-plant Integrated Design Services
    • Operations and Maintenance Services