AECOM speaks the language of the freight rail industry. We plan, design and engineer rail operations, and we provide a full range of consulting services for long haul, freight rail lines and port cargo intermodal transfer facilities.

Working with clients from the public and private sectors, our teams help navigate smooth and seamless connections between freight rail, ports and intermodal terminal projects. Whether it’s for commodities such as gas, coal and iron ore or for containerized freight, we deliver projects that help our clients convey goods around the globe.

Meeting challenges

Our professionals are some of the brightest minds in the rail industry. We challenge conventional methods by applying new ideas and exploring new opportunities to rehabilitate and develop freight rail systems that will meet our clients’ needs for class 1 industrial and passenger operations. Our expertise extends to the simulation of line haul, terminal and materials handling operations that allows our clients to optimize investments in infrastructure and equipment. We have one of the leading freight rail engineering practices in the world.

We’ve built this success by providing a full range of consulting services for long-haul freight rail lines and port cargo and bulk intermodal transfer facilities that focus on environmental stewardship, efficiency, and long-term operations and maintenance. We work to increase connectivity and efficiency for projects around the world.

New corridors and expansions

At AECOM, our experts are meeting today’s demands and laying the foundation to meet tomorrow’s needs. We are hard at work developing new corridors, expanding current ones and exploring ways to enhance shared use of limited transportation corridors among freight, transit and commuter rail. We partner with our clients to ensure safety, maintain daily operations, control costs and comply with all construction and design standards and local requirements.


AECOM Services:

    • Freight Rail and Intermodal Transfer Facilities
    • Terminal Operations
    • Capacity Planning and Analysis
    • Permitting and Environmental Services
    • Track, Bridge and Structure Design and Inspection
    • Shop, Yard and Building Construction and Rehabilitation
    • Train Control and Grade Crossings
    • Communications and Signals
    • Program and Construction Management