Life Sciences

Research and development buildings facilitate the world’s greatest transformative scientific breakthroughs, making them among the most critical assets in modern medicine.

AECOM is regarded as a leader in creating medical, chemical, nanotech and biological research facilities worldwide. We work with academic institutions and hospitals alike, creating environments that foster collaboration and communication.

Our clients are driven by discovery, and it is our duty to deliver the finest workplace accommodations. From clean rooms, Animal Bio-Safety Level (ABSL) 3 and Bio-Safety Level (BSL) 2 and 3 laboratories, vivariums and imaging suites, to wet and dry research laboratories, AECOM’s suite of professional services are aligned with the sensitive and critical nature of these types of facilities.

AECOM’s award-winning project portfolio has earned special recognition within the life science industry, because we offer solutions that support the flexibility and adaptability of these highly specialized facilities in an ever-changing scientific environment.