How can you bring solar energy on board? What are the different considerations at play? We are your strategic partner, bringing solar projects to life – whether global or local.

We take on the world’s largest solar projects, delivering full-service engineering, consulting and construction services, flexible contracting options, environmental siting, permitting and compliance. And we join forces with the leading solar energy developers, manufacturers and government entities.

Global knowledge, at a local level

Our engineering teams, environmental planners and scientists offer global knowledge at a local level to facilitate projects through complex design, siting and permitting efforts.

You can expertly navigate environmental review processes and minimize compliance obligations with our strategic stakeholder guidance – we’re here at every step.

Big or small, we’re here

We’re leading the market with the delivery of utility-scale solar projects.

On the one hand, we work on large-scale solar projects in Europe and the Caribbean. But we also work on smaller, local solar projects, including both ground-based and roof-mounted schemes.

Proven expertise, tailored to you

  • Energy transition advisory
  • Technology and equipment review
  • Permitting and consenting
  • Concept design and engineering
  • Project and construction management
  • Program management

Lighting the way with digital

We use a kit of hand-picked industry-leading software tools such as PVsol, PVsyst and PVcase to enhance the design process.

Our team deliver environmental and consenting advice and reporting on solar projects of all scales. We’re able to apply our own unique platform – PlanEngage – to present results and encourage seamless communication with stakeholders.

We’ll also help you make critical equipment sourcing decisions, using our extensive global network to facilitate manufacturer or supplier inspections and working conditions compliance verification.