Inspired by the exciting and dynamic changes in the global tourism and leisure industry, AECOM delivers premier leisure and hospitality experiences that are beautiful, cost-effective and well integrated into their locality.

From luxury hotel towers and integrated resorts to cultural and entertainment destinations of the highest caliber, AECOM’s greatest skill is in creating memorable and authentic places where people can both enjoy their leisure and free time to the full and work efficiently and comfortably.

We understand the challenges that developers and institutions face when embarking on leisure and hospitality projects — from assembling land and gaining approvals, to financing management and operations, to creating projects that will stand out in fiercely competitive markets. All elements, from guest experience to life-cycle operations, are considered at every stage of planning and implementation to create the level of service and quality that is the hallmark of a successful destination.

The leisure and hospitality market is focused on creating highly attractive environments while achieving guest satisfaction and operational efficiency. AECOM has helped to bring a wide variety of leisure and cultural offerings to their fullest potential. We assist clients in creating distinctive environments where architecture, landscape, entertainment, culture and history combine for an unforgettable experience.

Rankings & Awards

ENR ranks AECOM No. 1 in its Top 500 Design Firm Survey for Hotels, Motels and Convention Centers