Are you ready to navigate the unique market dynamics and continually evolving regulations of new offshore wind jurisdictions? Is your infrastructure ready for upcoming offshore wind projects?

We lead you through every part of the process, making sure that you can capture the opportunity without getting lost in the complexity. With a unique focus on lifetime impact, we deliver services throughout the project lifecycle. We carry out early project feasibility and site assessments through to full operations and decommissioning planning for both fixed-bottom and floating technologies for offshore wind developments and related infrastructure such as ports, grids and industry-specific manufacturing facilities.

Sustainable offshore wind, powered by strategy

Having worked on some of the world’s premier offshore wind and associated infrastructure projects, we understand the nuances of permitting, design, construction and operations on a global scale.

We use that experience to hone our strategy, using smart, sustainable design and planning to proactively find the inherent risks and opportunities in projects. We use our global expertise and local presence to achieve fit-for-purpose approvals, develop plans to have the right materials and equipment where you need them, and design the grid connection to bring offshore wind power to communities safely, quickly and cost-effectively.

From concept to operations

Offshore wind projects are decades-long investments involving multi-year permitting processes, challenging design and installation requirements, complex supply chains, multinational commercial structures and long-lasting environmental and social impact.

We’re in a unique position to offer a single source for offshore wind development worldwide. Our scientists, engineers and specialists provide global consulting expertise from concept to construction, so you’re always supported in your decision making and how to manage potential risks.

Proven expertise, tailored to you

  • Feasibility assessment, site evaluation and due diligence
  • Environmental Impact Assessment, permitting and consenting
  • Sustainability consulting
  • Design and engineering
  • Port infrastructure development and integration with existing operations
  • Offshore wind integration with grids, hydrogen and other infrastructure
  • Project and construction support
  • Program management

End-to-end insight. Everywhere you need it.

We’re trusted as a single source for offshore wind expertise, combining our global capabilities and experience with deep local insight into market forces and stakeholder requirements.

We bring best practice development and execution strategies from around the world, making sure you have a full view of potential options for your project.

Our technical expertise reaches from concept to decommissioning, including site assessment, stakeholder engagement, permitting and consents, electrical, civil/geotechnical, and structural design, ports and marine and program management. And because our energy team works across the full spectrum of the transition, including hydrogen development, grid modernization and transport decarbonization, we can help you evaluate the integration of your offshore wind project into the sustainable energy market.