When seeking to decarbonize portfolios, it’s important to consider the full lifecycle of assets and embed climate resilience strategies along the way. We take a holistic approach across design standards, process loads, construction, operation, maintenance and end-of-life; focus on return on investment, use government incentivization and integrate cultural change to ensure your investment in decarbonization is maximized.

Our built environment decarbonization and resilience service brings together our portfolio advisory and program management services in a seamless, integrated approach which considers both physical constraints on assets and the decarbonization roadmap opportunities to ensure projects are deliverable. 

Portfolio decarbonization and climate resilience journey 

Everyone is at a different point in their decarbonization journey – we work collaboratively to ensure that no matter where you are on this journey, you can achieve your organizational commitments while optimizing commercial value and delivering return on investment. 

The portfolio decarbonization and climate resilience journey

Integrated strategies across the asset lifecycle 

We work across the entire lifecycle to create financially feasible, technically implementable portfolio decarbonization and climate risk strategies, managing the process within existing operations to cope with disruption. 

How do we do it? We provide strategic advisory services and implement carbon reduction plans for public, private, municipal, federal agencies and funders to reduce the embodied and operational carbon of entire portfolios. 

Our teams understand existing operational performance, benchmark, identify carbon reduction opportunities, prioritize investment based on impact and identify potential funding streams to help remove barriers to implementation. 

We focus on implementation and deliverability, continually monitoring and reporting the performance of your portfolio and making viable recommendations for improvement.

Proven expertise, tailored to you

  • Visioning and baselining
  • Energy and carbon planning
  • Climate risk, mitigation and adaptation planning
  • Integrated carbon and climate strategies
  • Investment prioritization
  • Feasibility and funding
  • Net-zero route maps
  • Programmatic upgrades
  • Portfolio performance monitoring

Independent, implementable decarbonization strategies 

We offer independent professional advice and expertise at every stage of the portfolio decarbonization journey – from upfront audit and assessment through advisory strategy, design, implementation and ongoing portfolio performance monitoring.   

The difference?  Our advice and strategies are technically and financially implementable in existing operational environments – from management to technical solutions, cost and asset management. 

Our expertise covers all sectors from aviation to healthcare, education, logistics, defense and commercial real estate with our tools and approach carefully adapted to meet your needs. 

Decarbonization approach 

Through the use of our ScopeX decarbonization approach, we aim to reduce the carbon impact across our planning, design, and construction projects by 50 percent compared to industry norms. ScopeX encompasses all the processes, frameworks, methods, skills, data, and digital tools that we use to reduce carbon in our projects across the entire asset lifecycle. 

Digitally enabled 

Our digital tools enable us to efficiently collate and interrogate both the information you already hold and the additional details required for efficient portfolio decarbonization. They incorporate global standards and integrate with broader industry models. This ensures that our advisory services are always adding value rather than repeating reporting requirements. 

Integrated infrastructure consulting and training 

Our full project lifecycle approach from early advisory through to the delivery of implementable technical solutions and ongoing monitoring allows us to provide you with:  

  • Efficient communication of value management
  • Ability to meet milestones earlier
  • Greater alignment between base cost estimate and residual risks
  • Operational cost certainty
  • Net zero strategy training

Get the advice and practical help you need to decarbonize your portfolio. Inquire today to find out how we can help.