Colleges & Universities

University and college campuses, much like cities, are constantly redefining themselves to meet the demands of a changing world.

Today, many institutions are challenged by aging facilities, economic pressures, and technology-driven big business. At AECOM, we excel at working collaboratively with our academic clients to achieve their vision by meeting the highest expectations of students and faculty.

Sustainable quality that stands the test of time, honoring the distinctive character of an institution, ensuring student and faculty safety on an active campus and creating award-winning facilities and campuses that inspire and attract the world’s sharpest minds, is what AECOM brings to bear.

Across the globe, we deliver state-of-the-art medical research laboratories and interactive classrooms, iconic mixed-use student centers, enhanced high-tech libraries, the latest trends in student residence halls, and beloved collegiate sports venues, to critical infrastructure that includes complex data centers and life safety systems. AECOM serves as a leader in providing innovative solutions that support our higher education clients in navigating multifaceted challenges and leveraging proven best practices to realize an institution’s mission and vision for the future.