How can you reduce transportation-related carbon emissions? What zero emissions technologies are the right fit? As your strategic partner, we can help you prioritize climate action goals.

We’re a leader in the transportation and energy markets, with global experience in transportation decarbonization. Our teams advise along the entire net zero journey including:

  • Fleet electrification for passenger and cargo travel, energy modeling and facilities design and management
  • Decarbonization planning and modeling for operational and embodied carbon
  • Carbon reduction program implementation in design, construction and operations
  • Alternative fuel planning, facilities development and grid coordination

Planning and delivering the future of clean mobility

Across the globe, agencies and operators, campuses, regions, utilities and private sector companies are actively building resiliency and sustainability into their future planning on climate action. Our focus? Delivering greenhouse gas emissions reduction strategies, new ways to improve facility energy consumption and cost-effective electric mobility solutions. We drive innovation and resilience across our projects – reducing risk and providing sustainable lifecycle returns on investment.

To date, we’ve supported our clients to develop roadmaps for fleet and infrastructure improvements, accounting for the shift in fuels and changing modes. We also bring every client the advantage of our embedded approach to carbon, from net-zero planning, design and implementation to EV program management, energy modeling, emerging vehicles and fleet conversions.

We’re here at every stage, at every moment – covering strategy, advisory, modeling, design, management, construction and operation. Together, we can build a less carbon-intensive transportation system, delivering more sustainable mobility that uplifts and enriches communities.

Working across the entire fleet lifecycle

We work with fleet owners and operators on fleet conversion studies and plans. And we also help ports to reduce the environmental impact of their facilities and vehicles. We pilot and test emerging zero- emission, clean and electric vehicle (EV) technologies.

And our global teams identify funding opportunities for pilot programs and model future options for fleet owners – including emerging vehicle-to-grid integration.

Proven expertise, tailored to you

  • EV program management
  • Environmental analysis
  • Economic analysis
  • EV fleet conversion strategy development
  • EV fleet energy modeling
  • EV utility coordination, planning and design
  • EV charging infrastructure planning, permitting and design
  • Facility siting
  • Facility design and retrofit design
  • Construction support
  • Infrastructure management

Driving the best way forward

We work with transportation agencies and operators, private sector partners and cities on comprehensive net zero planning, decarbonization and operations roadmaps that include:

  • Strategic sustainability planning and management systems
  • Carbon modeling, management and accreditation
  • High performance facility and sustainability infrastructure design and construction
  • Energy, water and waste management
  • Renewable energy planning
  • Electrification planning
  • Environmental consulting and compliance

We work across surface transportation, transit and rail, aviation and other transportation sectors to design, engineer and construct projects that optimize materials, assess design options that drive carbon reduction and define material specifications and standards.

No stone is left unturned when it comes to decarbonizing the transportation lifecycle.