The world of carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) is multi-faceted – and evolving, fast. Where do you start? And what is the best solution for you?

We understand the nuances of creating CCUS projects to support a climate-neutral planet – and are at the forefront of carbon capture development. As the market shifts to meet decarbonization challenges, we bring our years of experience and global capacity to support your changing energy requirements.

CCUS: The key piece of the low-carbon puzzle

There’s no doubt that CCUS will play a vital role in the transition to a low-carbon future. We’ve collaborated with universities, research consortiums, governments, technology providers and end users to support the development – and commercialization – of low-carbon energy solutions.

We empower the integration of carbon products into economies of scale and can advise on sustainable solutions for its capture, use and storage.

Guiding you from concept to maintenance

We use our decades of experience to support global energy and industrial clients with efficient, reliable and compliant solutions.

And this applies to the whole value chain, including concept development, technology integration and operating plant modifications and maintenance programs.

Proven expertise, tailored to you

  • Energy transition advisory
  • Technology and equipment review
  • Permitting and consenting
  • Design and engineering
  • Project and construction management
  • Program management

Looking at the complete carbon picture

To get carbon capture utilization and storage projects right, we need to consider every angle. We activate net zero feasibility studies, best available technology (BAT) determinations and environmental impact assessments – for both carbon storage and direct air capture solutions.

We have a wealth of experience in power generation decarbonization and post-combustion emissions management, including the retrofit of carbon capture technologies.

We’re at the forefront of carbon capture development. Working with the expanding hydrogen manufacturing industry, power generators and the cutting-edge development of net zero industrial hubs, at community scale.

As leaders in the deployment of complex infrastructure, we develop business cases for carbon capture projects and then implement these projects on behalf of our clients. It’s an integrated approach that encompasses design, consenting, procurement, project management, commissioning and handover skills.

We deliver transformational outcomes, partnering with our clients to meet challenges head-on with knowledge, innovation and genuine partnership. We’re committed to servicing society and protecting the legacies of the projects and programs we manage. And we offer ongoing engagement throughout, from day zero to delivery and beyond.